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24th July 2019 

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision in Gloucester

Because You Can...

Rubicon Counselling Gloucester invites you to take the first step towards change


For most of life's challenges counselling or psychotherapy can help. Using some of the latest findings in neuroscientific research, we work with clients to identify the most suitable approach for them and their individual needs. Together, we take the first steps towards choosing the right path for each client in the face of the unique challenges in their life.

And we know that the first steps can sometimes be the hardest.

Crossing the Rubicon


The familiar phrase 'crossing the Rubicon' - to pass a point of no return - originates in history as far back as 49 BC. At that time the River Rubicon protected Rome from civil war but in an ultimate act of courage and revolution, Julius Caesar's army successfully crossed the Rubicon to descend on Rome. This very act changed the course of history. Caesar achieved victory in the Roman civil war and sent the city's existing leaders fleeing in fear.

The phrase 'crossing the Rubicon' has survived to this day to refer to anyone who passes the point of no return by embarking upon a course of action which will lead to an often risky, possibly revolutionary and ultimately life-changing series of events.


Taking the decision to make changes in your life, or even just to share with someone else how you are really feeling, isn't always easy. It may be risky and it may require courage, but we know that if you are looking into counselling then your decision may already have been made. Perhaps you have already crossed your own personal Rubicon. Or maybe you are still stuck on the bank, thinking it's too risky or unable to see a way, but simultaneously acutely aware that you don't want to stay where you are.

Rubicon Counselling Gloucester can accompany you in taking the first steps into a new life.


Why see a counsellor?

  • Sometimes friends and family can be too involved and find it difficult to be impartial
  • Because it's confidential, it can be easier to say difficult or risky things
  • Some people find that it isn't the specialist techniques that prove to be effective, but the fact that the counsellor can engage on a deep and personal level with them
  • A counsellor will work hard to understand all the aspects of your circumstances that make it unique, rather that just react to the 'headline' of any situation

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    What benefits can be expected?

  • You may discover that you have more choices than you thought you had
  • You will become more aware of who you really are behind your social roles and masks
  • You will discover a deeper self trust and, as a result, build more rewarding relationships

    However, it's important to remember that counselling is work that we do together, not something that is done to you. Your commitment is important to success!

  • My Approach

  • I believe that, deep down, everyone knows the right answers for them. My job then entails helping you to discover and accept what you already know!
  • I will help you to understand yourself, your needs and any self imposed limits.
  • I strongly believe that challenge is an important part of counselling. I will (gently) challenge assumptions and beliefs that are masquerading as facts.

  • Counselling, Psychotherapy or eMotion

    There is an approach to suit all of us - whether that is counselling for a shorter period of time to address a specific issue or longer term psychotherapy for deeper exploration and understanding.

    Rubicon eMotion is a unique approach based on evidence that demonstrates a tangible relationship between exercise or activity and improved mental health click here to find out more

    It is not necessary to know in advance which you prefer, that is a question we can address together in an introductory session

    Are you ready to cross the Rubicon?

    If you are ready to take the next step then click here to email me (or call me on 07984 386434) to arrange an initial, no obligation consultation